Welcome to Facebook Auto Liker

Facebook Auto Liker is one of the fast and efficient auto liker tool, used to Increase your facebook post, page, videos and photos likes and comments. ToonsLiker provides custom post likes facility too.It will help you to increase Facebook Likes on your Post, Picture, Videos, Shares, and other Facebook's post. Improve your social strength, and be famous from your friends Now. IT'S ALL FREE

No Spam !

We never spamming on your Account. Our autoliker is totally spam free.

Instant Likes

Get instant 100 likes per submit and UP-TO 15.000 Likes on your statuses, pictures, albums, and other Posts for FREE.

Trusted Site

We are online from Last 1 Year and always keep online to help you Provide free services.

Method Login to ToonsLiker

We use Access Token Based Authentication. Token is a Private KEY generated by facebook that we needed to be able giving free Likes. Please follow steps below to get your own Access Token and you can use your Access Token to login to our Website.

How It Works

  • Enable Followers?

    First of all make sure your Facebook account is age is 18+ and change Who Can Follow Me to EVERYBODY from Follower setting

  • Post Privacy?

    Make Sure your Status and Photos are Public.

  • Access Token?

    Go to access token page and generate access token. Click on first button to allow HTC app and then click on second button to get access token.

  • Login?

    Copy the access token URL and paste it on login box, now you are log in. Choose the service which one you want like if you want likes then go to Facebook auto liker and if you want comments then go to auto commenter.

  • Likes and Comments?

    Now you can get likes or comments on your Facebook status, photos or videos. Just click on submit button and get instant likes or comments on your public status and photos..